Sunday, September 24, 2006


Just a few unrelated notes, arranged in a list so that I don't have to figure out ways in which they are related or use stupid transitions.

1) Rugby Right. I went to a rugby match yesterday. I had been studying my Rubgy Union for Dummies and roughly understood what was happening during actual play, but was flummoxed by anything the referee did. This is especially disconcerting because the calls that the referee makes are the things to which the crowd responds most loudly, whether by yelling or clapping. I confused! Still, I was rather amused by the big piles of people on the ground out of which a ball would come flying sooner or later. I liked that things kept going and moving, rather than the way that a tackle is the end of a play in American football. And none of that wussy stopping the clock. It was fast paced and fun. Just wish they'd won, so there wouldn't be grumpiness. Er....Go Quins.

2) Jane Eyre Watched the first episode of the BBC's adaptation tonight and rather enjoyed it. Americans, I'm sure it'll be on Masterpiece Theatre next year. Also, Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia (the recent one) was young Jane and very adorable. I'm a dork and have to admit that I've not read the book (and I promise that I will!), so I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!

3) Leg & no 10K I think I'm not doing my 10K this weekend. My left quadricep continues to be annoying. This isn't new, but lately it has been reacting with more and more hurtiness, even after a long break and lots of ice and attention. I think it's more important that I figure it out (shoes?) than that I do the race. I haven't been able to train properly because of the muscle and I know that I would be likely to do something rather bad to it if I did the whole race. I did an exploratory short run yesterday and stopped when it started being bothersome. While I could still walk yesterday, it was pretty hurty last night. My other idea is to do lots of skating while I'm waiting for it to be better before running again, since strengthening it should help. 'Course, then I'll have blisters! Wheeee! Exercise is fun! Let's go shopping!