Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Night Tempo

Oh, goodness, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I did an update. This isn't a real one, though, but I'll try to sum up the last THREE (ack, sorry) weeks of marathon training soon. But, tonight I had yet another one of those insane Hanson-approved tempo runs: 9 miles at marathon goal pace with 1 mile each for warm-up and cool-down. WHEN DID I BECOME THAT PERSON WHO PRACTICALLY RUNS A HALF MARATHON AFTER WORK ON A WEEKNIGHT?

I loved that this felt a lot easier than last week's run, with the exact same workout. Once I actually find the right pace, I can keep cruising. And it's always better from 3-4 miles in, which suggests that I just need time to settle into the pace. It wasn't raining, which was awesome, but there were massive head and cross-winds (NPR was saying this morning that we had a wind advisory for 30mph sustained winds and 50mph gusts). So, I guess I worked even harder? Yay?

The real joy was how amazing Seattle looked tonight in the sunshine. I tried a new path that I've never run before and it was lovely. So...a few shots. I decided the running police wouldn't come after me if I decided to take advantage of the beautiful light:

I'm glad I decided to go exploring. This path was a new discovery!

I run this bit along Puget Sound every time that I run after work. The grain elevator marks 2 miles from my office. On a clear day, you'd see Rainier in this view.

Just after the 1 mile mark is the Sculpture Garden.
Some of the first cherry blossoms are out. It must be nearly spring!