Saturday, March 02, 2013

Eugene Training, weeks 9 & 10

I've been a bit discombobulated this week and last week, because of the traveling for Princess. I'm committed to getting back on track, though, and I think things should be less crazy from here on out.

So, for the week of Princess:
Monday - 5 x 1000s at 5:12 pace. Did it, but was awfully glad when I realized I only had five intervals, not size. Had a good discussion with a guy who was doing gait analysis. As suspected, tight hips are probably the root of all my issues with my adductor.
Tuesday - 5 easy (10:53 pace), then gym.
Wednesday - 8 easy (11:04 pace). This was supposed to be a tempo, but I made it easy in light of the fact that my original plan was to tempo/MGP at Princess. Focused on lengthening strides to make sure I streeeeeetch those adductors.
Thursday - no running! Flew to Orlando, got to bed at 3am. Sigh.
Friday - no running! Took an executive decision to sleep in (maybe 8am), rather than dragging my exhausted butt out of bed to get in an early run. I think it was the right call. Spent the day at the expo, then Hollywood Studios and dinner with family!
5 Miles in the Epcot parking lot...
Saturday - 5 miles at god knows what pace. So, my cousin and her husband were both doing the Royal Family 5K and I really, really wanted to be there to cheer for them. So, I ended up doing laps in the Epcot parking lot waiting for the race to start! It felt kind of ridiculous, but was totally awesome. When they finally started the race, I'd cheer for a corral, then get half a mile before it was time for the next one. SO GLAD I WENT THOUGH, even if it was super early! PLUS, PHOTO WITH PRINCESS MINNIE!!!
Super excited to meet Princess Minnie!

Sunday - 13.1 easy (11:04 pace); a.k.a. Disney Princess Half Marathon - on which there's more to come when the photos are all uploaded and purchased!

This week:
Monday - no running! Flew home from Disney. Was wiped.
Tuesday - 5 easy on treadmill. I can't remember why, but it was really, really hard to get motivated for this one. I finally convinced myself to get to the stupid gym and, even though it probably wasn't the milage I needed, I'm proud that I got in a decent-length run.
Wednesday - 8 tempo at MGP + 1 mile each for wam-up and cool down (11:04/10:06/11:19). HOLY CRAP, GUYS, I DID A TEN MILE RUN MID-WEEK, AFTER WORK!!! And, you know what, aside from the fact that it was POURING rain (I know I live in Seattle - we usually get mist, not downpours), it was actually pretty great. No music, just me and my Garmin to keep me at my goal paces.
Thursday - gym, then 5 easy (11:04 pace). These are always tough, after an hour in the gym. My right leg usually feels like collapsing.
Friday - 5 easy. A disaster of a run. I was supposed to get in 8. I hadn't eaten much all day and had visited the massage place. I felt like my legs were lead bricks and my shorts chaffed. It was awful. I threw in the towel, figuring it was better to be ready for my long run on Saturday, rather than kill myself over three more miles that were going to suck.
Saturday - 10 long (11:01 pace). Yeah, I made the right call yesterday. I felt great, even though this run was straight after an hour and a bit of ice skating lessons.