Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm not sure that I can adequetly explain the extent to which Shashi Tharoor appearing as a guest on the Colbert Report is perhaps the coolest thing that has happened this decade. OMFG, awesome.

Shashi, I feel, is my own personal (not-resigned) UN Under-Secretary-General. He spoke at Earlham two years ago and even has an ECMUN shirt. Woo! He made me think. It was nice. Watch out, Stephen Colbert (and, yes, I love you, too).

Speaking of which: happy half-birthday to me! And happy early Valentine's Day to all of you. Le Boy is being mysterious about the whole thing, but I don't think anything can beat the creepiness of last year's not-date to see Blackbird. Child 'rape' and sexual psychology! What fun! Awesome play, though.

And, this weekend's LIMUN, so stayed tuned for more MUN fun. I might even update from committee, if I get bored, although it's unlikely.

Oh, and the other awesome thing? LSE didn't have power yesterday (flood...Holborn...power cut?) and had to cancel everything. It made me snort a bit.


Jen Walker said... Reply to comment

Go Shashi! He totally made Colbert skip a beat. That's our own personal USG, alright.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Ok, so I give up. I understand what OMFG means, but I cannot figure out the BBQ part. Although in running the whole thing through Google I did get a humorous "lesser" definition in the urban dictionary for OMFG part: "a handy mnemonic for remembering the ingredients of a greek salad, OMFG: Olives, Mayo, Feta, Garlic." I was amused.