Saturday, February 03, 2007

MUN & Bobby

Yesterday was nice.

I went and met with students and their teachers at a North London school (Brent, woot woot) to start preparing for LIMUN and talked about doing a school conference once we get through LIMUN. Or maybe with another school that's also been in touch and with whom this other school already has links. I love MUN and I love fostering it (ESPECIALLY with high schoolers). And I never thought it would be something that was so high on my agenda. Anyway, it seems like an amazing project and one that would tie right in with my starting-on-Monday internship with the UN Association, working on their MUN stuff.

It's also amazing to realize that without meaning to, I'm suddenly doing things that make me a more attractive Peace Corps candidate! Ack! How'd that happen?

And, I dragged the Boy to Bobby last night and it kinda stunk. The previews were sooo much better. I mean, I understand how amazing he was and how hopeful things seemed because of my parent's stories (my mom was one of the people who got locked in the Indiana Secretary of State's office when he came to file for the Indiana primary and he ALMOST used her comb (read: her friend was quicker on the comb draw)), but the movie didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy and certainly didn't work if you didn't already know something about Bobby's impact on the United States. (As the Boy put it: "You had to already buy into the Bobby myth.")

I think the final diagnosis was "lrazy", although there was some great acting (OMG, can Martin Sheen be my boyfriend, as well as my grandfather and my president?) and some cute moments. Also, Lindsay Lohan has so many freckles that I really worry about the skin damage she's done to herself. Hope she goes to the dermatologist regularly. And there were some parts that were pretty cringeworthy (any part with Laurence Fishbourne...barf! although he's an excellent actor). And Elijah Wood's eyes are so pretty!