Thursday, February 01, 2007

new phone!

Yay! I have a new phone!

My old one got left somewhere. Someone called my flatmate (who had tried to call me) where it was and, I think, left it there, where it got snatched.

Anyway, apparently O2 gives you some credits every month that you can save up toward a discount on a new handset and so it was £30 less than the retail price. So, my £90 phone was on sale for £80 and purchased for £50 (really my cheapest option, everyone, and yes, phones are pricey). A good deal, considering, I think. And it's so much shinier than before!!! I'm sort of taken with it and it's lovely new screen. So Pretty. My precious. The Boy had a whole theory about technology depreciating, but I'm excited, as my old phone also cost £80 and wasn't nearly this cool.

This is also a reminder that I need phone numbers, having lost them for anyone who I didn't have on my SkyPE list. So, if you're not Ian, Alison, Ana, the Blacks, Duchie, Grandma, Juliet or Juliana, then could you send me your digits? Thanks!