Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just a few notes

As many of you know, the winter olympics start tomorrow. I went though a bit thing last month trying to decide whether or not I should fly to Turin to attend and ultimately decided that I really shouldn't. (Something about a presentation on Wednesday, Model UN next weekend and Spain the one after that...) But, I was really, really not willing to sit out on them altogether. I can't even explain how big the Olympics have always been in my family. I mean, obviously, I was never one of those delusional little skaters who thought that I'd compete in them, but my, erm, stamp exhibit did compete as a part of the Cultural Olympiad in Atlanta in 1996 (I got a silver-bronze, if you must know). And one of things that made my mom most sad after her initial diagnosis was the probability that she would never know if Michelle Kwan won a gold medal or not. But, that's why I am now the proud borrower of a properly licensed television! Woot! We're still working on names. I'm sort of thinking Hugh (which may come as a surprise to the person who caught me drooling over the photo of another aging British actor at the Donmar last month) because it's British and our television is a cube...sort of borgish? Maybe? As I said, 'tis a work in progress.

The other news is that we got our practice essays back today; they got handed in the week after Christmas break. I got a 67, which is a high merit, not a distinction. A British friend suggested that I add 20 points to put it roughly in the context of a US scale (so, a B+). The comments were nice and complementary, but really highlighted the weakness that I already knew about. I'd decided that I wouldn't put in absolutely the most effort ever, since this was practice, and so I spent a long time on my philosophical arguement (which the reader liked) and a whole lot less on the historical stuff (which I probably wouldn't have slacked on if this essay had counted). So, yeah, pleased.

It was convenient that Hugh tonight faciliatated me watching the special edition of Question Time with the three contenders for leader of the Lib Dems. (Question Time is a great BBC news show, which involves a live audience asking questions of and having discussion with a panel of politicians.) I'd been leaning Ming, but Chris Huhne really, really impressed me. He was great on camera (should be, after all those years as a journalist) and had some really nice answers to the questions asked. I'm looking forward to his LSE visit, but my tide might just be changing. His image is good to the point that I could actually see him being a sucessful politician in the US sense, as well. Plus, he was the only one with a (dark blue) power tie. Simon had some sort of black and white stripes and Ming had PINK!


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How come silver-bronze is so easy for everyone else? Rub it in. Hugh seems like an appropriate name for a television that would show the entire hue of the rainbow - kinda like naming your car Otto. Stop the puns! -jrb