Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm just sort of killing time, waiting for Miss Libby to get over here, so we can go for our run. Tomorrow's the first day that we run non-stop and I'm a bit nervous, but today won't be quite as scary.

I did watch the Opening Ceremonies last night and had a few observations:
1) I want Swedish flag mittens!
2) I want Danish flag ear...covers?
3) I realize that I pay license fees so that the BBC will be commerical-free, but three and a half hours without a pottty break gets to be a bit much.
4) WTF was "From Renaissance to Baroque?"
5) There were not enough cute kids.
6) I actually liked the country sign holder Alps dresses.
7) The commentators kept making really dumb remarks that made my night. (The snarky comments about how much they and the rest of the country enjoyed watching the Canadians beat the Americans at the 2002 hockey final were priceless!)
8) It would have been even more fun if you were drunk.
9) The British are adorable! Their athlete profiles were all about "he was 17th at the last world cup of whatever and might just be our best hope for a medal!" (So it wasn't that bad, but if I have to see the winning shot of the 2002 curling game, I might just curl hurl.) I love being in a country which has gone back to the "if" of medal winning, rather than the "how many."
10) I don't think the line's "If anyone can, a kiwi can," but thanks for trying BBC.
11) I made salmon for myself. This from the girl who's a) scard of cooking meat and b) had no idea what to do with fish. My roommate's rubbing off. She's an expert, being from a coastal city in the Basque region of Spain!

I know that I had more witty comments to make. For now, just be jealous that I get to watch everything live and you have tape delay!