Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Apparently, I like the random thought lists...

Three random thoughts for today:

1. I took over the Seattle Green Lake Running Group twitter account. It's been really fun to try out what I've learned by watching the social media experts and to connect to other runners. It's a small start, but I know I've already recruited at least one new runner for the group! I'm also pretty excited to see how we manage the twitter beast for the Ragnar Relay this weekend...I'm working on coordinating it with our fearless group leader.

2. Rangar is this weekend. I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty nervous. I'm not sure I'm in shape for it and the heat (heat is a relative concept...80 is CRAZY hot for Seattle) is not my favorite thing to run in.... But, I'm really hoping that I'll get there and be with my van-mates and it will be amazing. KEEP THINKING HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

3. My job ends the third week of September. I've got a page and a half list of specific projects that I need to finish before then (and more could always be added). It's starting to freak me out, especially since there are so few weekends when I'm in Seattle and can cram in a few more hours to work on getting things done. I am going to have to have a laser focus on getting everything done as efficiently as I can, as well as managing my summer interns. I love working with interns, but it does generally take a lot of work to get them up to speed.... I just have to keep on repeating, just like we did in high school, that IT WILL ALL GET DONE.