Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Random Thoughts

DUDE! I had an AMAZING progressive tempo run tonight!!! The theory (courtesy of Mr. Higdon), is to gradually build up to 10K pace throughout the course of the run, starting slowly and then working back down to super easy pace (like a pyramid). So, my goal was: 5 minutes at 10:45, 5 minutes at 10:15, 2.5 minutes at 10:00, 5 minutes at 9:30, 2.5 minutes at 10:00, 5 minutes at 10:15, 5 minutes at 10:45. And, I was kind of hitting that, but it felt SO much harder than I thought those paces should!

As it turns out, Mr. Garmin was set to show me average pace, not lap pace. So, for example, during my fastest interval, I was going fast enough to bring my average overall pace down to 9:30, not running at 9:30 pace. I'm just impressed with myself! What I thought was 9:30? WAS AN 8:18 PACE! (Which is a minute faster than my 10K pace, btw. I think it's faster than my 5K PR pace, too.)

And, then I went to Jasyoga and it was awesome. And now I'm relaxed and stretched out.

Other thoughts:

1. Oiselle and their criteria for the "flock:" awesome. Go read it on their blog. These are the kinds of things running SHOULD be about. As I've said before (not here) about Oiselle: come for the t-shirts, stay for the ethos.

2. Speaking of Oiselle: SAMPLE SALE! July 27!! OMGOMGOMG! And, brunch with other bloggers afterwards! It'll be fun to meet people who I chat with on twitter, in person!

3. Rucifee actually ate a can of wet food! He has always sniffed his nose at wet food! Maybe I've just accidentally been starving him? I'd really like to move him off dried food, to some extent, so I think he'll be getting half and half, if he shows interest in a few more cans of wet food.

4. I might expand on this later, but I'm tired of gimmick races. Stuff it, corporate color/mud/obstacle/zombie/bad prom dress/cosmic/light/whatever runs. After the Dumbo, I am only paying to run races put on by local promoters and charities. The money stays in our communities and they're generally smaller, more intimate, more awesome races anyway.