Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bra Saga & Ladies' Night at Fleet Feet

Well, my chaffing issues couldn't have better timed. My most local running store (10 minute walk!), Fleet Feet Seattle, had a Ladies' Night tonight, including bra fittings with reps from Moving Comfort. Even better yet, they were donating 20% from the sale of every bra to Girls on the Run. 

After a poll of my friends, I decided that it was worth it to skip running club (*tear*) in order to sort out my bra issues. And, I think they were definitely right!

The sadness was significantly mitigated by the awesomeness of the goody bags that they had for the first 30 women who showed up (SOOOOO glad I got there about 10 minutes before it started, because the bags were awesome). My particular favorite item? The Brooks pint glass, which came in it's own mini-Brooks shoe box! Adorkable! Also - I love pint glasses. Friends don't let friends run thirsty, mmkay (or at least that's what it says on the box)? Other awesome goodies included a coupon for a dollar off Body Glide (a brilliant thing considering how much of it I've been using lately) and a whole bar of Theo Chocolate (another Seattle favorite and future neighbor of Brooks, when they move to Fremont). 

ANYWAY: BRAS. The woman from Moving Comfort took me behind a curtain and declared that I was wearing the wrong size entirely: apparently I needed to go down a band size (the chaffing is because the band is too big) and up a cup size. SOLD! I mean, I really wish I didn't have to buy a new size of bra, because those things are expensive when you actually need supportive ones, but it definitely took some of the sting out knowing that it's because I'm less 'round than I used to be. She also suggested that I try the new Jubralee, which is apparently a major update based on everything they've learned from the Fiona (which I think she said has been around for 11 years now). It sounds lovely. Fleet Feet didn't have them in stock, but Road Runner apparently does. Good thing I appear to be making biweekly trips over there. 
The Fiona:
Isn't this a gorgeous color? (Bahama Blue)
If I had to buy a new least it's pretty!!

Which leads me to one other thing - my body shape/size has been going a bit nuts since the marathon. It seems to be shrinking without a whole lot of effort on my part (well, ok, I'm still running >30 miles a week, so it isn't exactly effortless) - maybe I'm less hungry now than I was at the height of training? I was under the impression that it was very normal to gain some weight during marathon training (check), but have been surprised to see things shrinking after the race. Is that normal? I mean, just for a start, changing bra size is a pretty big shift on it's own! And, I've recently found that there are certain dresses that are fitting again, too, so it's been noticeable to a certain extent. Interesting...very interesting!


Marathon Lar said... Reply to comment

Hey, I was there last night too!! Darn it...wish I we would have known so we could have met :). My friends actually won the two grand prizes for the night...lucky them!

sanchita4 said... Reply to comment

It looks great, I really like it!
Strapless bra || Push up bra || Transparent bra ||

Joyce said... Reply to comment

@Marathon Lar Oh, drat, that would have been fantastic! I had a great time and congrats to your friends! I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point! :-)