Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ok, this is a problem.

After 3 years and training for a marathon with no problems, my running bras (Moving Comfort Fiona) have started causing me massive chaffing. They're not comfortable on long runs and I dread every post-run shower. The chaffing is squarely in the middle, just under the band, on my front and I have no idea why this oh-so-reliable favorite is causing me issues all of a sudden!

I've got too many long runs coming up to let this persist...guess it's time to get refitted for sports bras. Sigh. Do you know how much those things cost?!?


MCM Mama said... Reply to comment

Have you tried putting body glide there? I know a lot of people put it in that area. (Knock on wood, I've never had bra chafe and I just wear the cheap Tek Gear bras from Kohls).

Joyce said... Reply to comment

@MCM Mama You are SOOOO lucky! I'd been using body glide & it hadn't actually stopped the chaffing - but, as it turns out I had the wrong size bra, so now it's fixed. Too bad, though - body glide was a much cheaper potential solution.