Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm pleased, of course, with the election results and acutally happy about the retaking of the Indiana House (NO MORE ICKY SPEAKER BOSMA!!! WOOOOOOT!!!). But, I'm not as excited as I would have thought. For some reason, I'm very...meh about it. Which is not what I would have expected, knowing me. I'm almost a little disappointed, knowing that I'm now going to get upset with Congressional Democrats (probably) for stomping on the things that I believe in, rather than the Republicans who I never expected anything else from in the first place. I think that my lack of enthusiasm is probably evidence of my general disappointment with the US political system in general; I was a whole lot more pumped with the outcome of the Brent Council elections and I don't even live in the borough!

I am really, really proud of my friends who went and volunteered yesterday, though! Go you guys! And thanks Eli for the heads up about the good day in Louisville (KY-3) long before the great results started coming in!

Yesterday's outcome still doesn't make me want to move back any more than I did on Monday. Which is odd.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

The real story is ... you just really like Pat Bauer's haircut! Something like that...


Jess said... Reply to comment

yeah i can't say that i'm not happy with the results. i just wish my vote had actually counted. the whole story is on my lj.