Sunday, November 26, 2006

London has been lovely, as of late. Not so much in a literal sense, as we're moving toward that time of year when everything's a bit grey, a bit dreary, and more than a bit damp. On the other hand, it hasn't been so cold yet and the leaves are STILL mostly on the trees.

Nevertheless, I feel like the city is being good to me right now. Boy continues to be lovely, although currently fighting off a flu or cold thing and I've been spending my days (or afternoons, at least) with the Liberal Democrats, doing printing and data entry and other such tasks. I really like having a place to go, my "day centre", I call it. I also had lunch with a RPCV (Burkina) who is one of my LSE friend's good friend and it was lovely to talk about the application process and how she's been readjusting to the real world post Peace Corps.

As far as my application goes, I've been nominated and am working on medical now. I'm planning to do a TEFL course in February to improve my prospects for changing my region. I also have a short-term internship coming up that I'm very excited about. I'm going to be helping a human rights organization write a document about why they do the things that they do, basically why they bother helping protect people's human rights. It should be fantastic and I think I really got the position because of my backround in communications and the way that I've always tried to write unpreteniously. I've always figured that if you can't write so that people can understand, then you probably shouldn't bother. Also, my summers working for Governor O'Bannon and IDEM really taught me to dumb down my words and not that ideas that I was trying to express. It should be great!

I've also made two trips to Peckham, trying to get to the library and have missed it by a few minutes. Grrr. I really want the next Discworld books! But, I also popped into one of the Polish-emphasis corner shops and remembered how much Eastern Europeans like their juice! Hurrah! Let's add that to the long list of reasons why I want to go there!