Friday, October 06, 2006

This is another one of those, I had several unrelated things to say, posts where things get put into lists.

1) I may or may not have already expressed my love for the senior Senator from Indiana. Sen. Lugar, you've been bowing a bit too much to the administration lately for my tastes, but you are a Republican, so I may just have to deal! Still, he's been a stauch internationalist for years and I admire that tremendously. Anyway, he's up for reelection this year, for a fifth term in the Senate. He's running unopposed (I was going to vote for him anyway). And I've only ever voted in Democratic primaries (rather faithfully, mind you). And, yet, I got a letter in the mail from the "Friends of Dick Lugar" reminding me to send in my absentee application and with one enclosed. Mind you, I'm perfectly capable of finding that stuff for myself (and, in fact, had), but I'm really impressed. Unopposed! I'm as card-carrying of a D as you can get (based on participation in primaries and these things are both known and investigated by the parties)! Am very, very impressed! Sen. still rock, in my book.

2) I've spent a good deal of time & money this week doing shopping for Niger. I was sent a list of stuff to bring and Jules suggested that I get kids books in French for her school if I wanted to bring something for the village (which I do). One of the things was an atlas and it has the fairly typical "all of West Africa" map...with Guidimouni marked on it! That's her village. Keep in mind that GOOGLE has a hard time finding it and you'll be able to imagine how amazingly cool it is that her random village is marked on this random French atlas map that I'm taking there! AWWWWWESOME!

3) Went to see the new production of Cabaret yesterday. I'm worried, as although the dancing was amazing, the whole thing seemed to lack a whole lot of energy and that's such a bad sign in a show that isn't even out of previews yet. Still, Sally was incredible, even more amazing when you realize that she's actually someone else in the cast who had to fill in for a sick star and they don't seem to have understudies (indeed, it was quite obvious that the chorus was missing its promoted member). Her "Cabaret"...well, 'tis supposed to be the showstopper and it was. The Emcee was horrid. I just wanted him to go away and he had the charisma of a box of onions. The old couple were cute as buttons and thankfully their Cliff was actually American, so I didn't have to suffer through a crappy accent! I was being really critical, which I prolly shouldn't have been. Still, I trust my judgement on theatre and I wouldn't be surprised if the reviews aren't great.

4) Tomorrow's the fast stream civil service ball. So that should be fun.