Monday, October 16, 2006

Apologies for my lack of saying things for...a long time. Eeeps!

The main purpose of this post is to alert everyone that I'm going to be quiet for quite awhile. I'm leaving for Niger to visit my favorite Peace Corps volunteer in a matter of hours. And, as those of you who have been struggling to stay in touch with her know, the telecommunications infrastructure is...bleak. I'm very, very excited. And nervous and kicking myself because I should have thought of the pit toilets before I booked the ticket! j/k, of course! Still, I can't wait to see how Jules has been living, what she's been doing, what her village is like, what Niger is like, etc., etc., etc., so on and so forth! My backpack has a few clothes, a few toiletries, and an absolute shitload of chocolate, salad dressing, sprinkles, granola bars, and other Jules foods. There's also a load of books in French and English, DVDs (Lost?), magazines and an atlas of which I am awfully proud (because G-town's marked in it!). In other words, I am a pack mule. :-)

Right, but I'll be back on Nov. 1st. And, then, Joyce's plan for milking the most out of London goes into overdrive. If you've got something that I cannot miss, lemme know. My current list includes the Sir John Sloane Museum, the changing of the guard (I know.), the lord mayor's parade, Remembrance Sunday, PMQs, the Coram Museum, Caroline or Change, the National Gallery's Velasquez exhibit, and the synagogue at 19 Princelet Street. Suggestions welcome!