Thursday, August 10, 2006

So many things have happened lately, almost all of them related to my dissertation, so they aren't particularly interesting.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've got a serious tuna problem (that's not a euphamism of any sort) along with my current carrot and nectarine obsessions. Ana gave me a jar of her dad's tuna back in the winter sometime. He apparently buys the fresh tuna from the fishermen, cuts it up, cooks it and jars it in oil himself. And this is seriously the best stuff EVER. I had two things sitting next to me during dinner and reading about the Roma Holocaust (see first sentence, re: dissertation), ice cream and the jar of tuna. Guess which one I had seconds from? And thirds? And am tempted to raid again now? Hint: not the ice cream.

SO, fresh, home tinned tuna = love. Unless your boy's a veggie. More for me. :-)


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Tuna and ice cream. Are you turning into Jules?

-you know who