Monday, November 14, 2005

Hi Choir!

A bit shout-out to all the Coram Boys and Girls who keep stumbling across the blog. You guys are amazing, really! I have a new rule of not going unless with someone else, but my friend Libby turned to me tonight and whispered (after the Messiah at the end): "Can you imagine singing this every night?" And, yes, she was totally speechless afterwards. The choir and the entire company rock!

I can't imagine the show would get good reviews, but best of luck tomorrow night. As we used to say in high school: Break some legs, but not your own! If there's any luck, my review will get published in the LSE paper, The Beaver. And, yes, I'll note that there are factual "issues," if the editor gives me a chance to make some changes. Also, there's no more Hallelujah chorus, any longer, and that was kind of a major thing in the review.

So, yeah. I wanted to respond because none of you leave e-mail addresses! (Can't blame you, really!) Thanks and keep up the great performances!