Monday, November 21, 2005


Well, I'm back from Cambridge, where we had a Model UN. Can I just say that I loved wandering around Cambridge and that it's a really cute market city and the various colleges are just amazing? I can't wait to go back (preferably in the spring when its not as cold)! On the other hand I'm going to rank the conferences as the worst one I've ever been to, personally. I'd say it was mostly because of our chairs, who decided to completely ignore the rules of parliamentary procedure. I'll admit to being quite good at manipulating parliamentary procedure and it makes things really awful when those rules are ignored. Plus, they used them to arbitrarily limit debate in ways that were really frustrating. Other than the chairs and the sort of overall disorganization at the conference, I had a great time meeting new people from around the country (and some of the international delegations), plus getting to know the LSE group. Seriously, in my old age I've started to cherish the non-conference parts of these things more and more. :-) Next up will be LIMUN in February, maybe NAMUN if I can convince LSE to go or decide to go by myself (although that's a lot of class to miss). And there's WorldMUN to think about in Bejing. Anyway, here are some photos from the tourist parts of the trip:

Kings from the Backs (literally, along the River Cam). The Chapel is amazing and going inside is a priority for that next trip!

This is the oldest bridge across the Cam and its part of Clare College. The Cam is beautiful and there were people punting along it, even now!

We also "snuck" inside Trinity Hall College to find Newton's apple tree, which Ghalib knew was still there. I honestly thought that story about the apple falling on his head was an urban myth, but apparently not! I'm telling you, these places make you want to do a PhD even more!

Anyway, back to the reading, since I've got a group presentation meeting tomorrow!


Jess said... Reply to comment

if you're in your old age, then i'm in trouble.

sounds like fun even if the conference wasn't the best run.

btw i ran into townsend, he's back and mostley taking care of his son. looks great though and his son is really cute.

not much else here that wasnt' in my lj. hope all is well.

Gareth said... Reply to comment

I love Cambridge (and particularly Trinity Hall, for reasons you'll discover if you watch BBC2 through May!) if you want a trip buddy for a next visit I'm happy to volunteer :)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I think you're talking about Trinity College, not Trinity Hall.