Thursday, June 13, 2013

3 Mile Tempo & Spirit of the Marathon

I am really terrible at this blogging thing.

So, just wanted to comment on tonight's run, really...I'm into week 2 or so of official "I'm GOING to PR a half marathon this fall, which will involve me actually training for a half marathon for a change" training. Tonight was my first official tempo run at goal pace (I'm not saying what that is right now).

It was only three miles, but I'm torn between being cool with having finished it with each of those three miles at or just under goal pace (with some hills thrown in, because this is Seattle and even the flat routes have hills) and harrumphing because it felt so hard. (I am also harrumphing because the 18 pound cat has decided to sit right on top of my arms as I'm typing. RUCIFEE!) I think I need to focus on the positives here, but there's a little part of me that's a little scared, because I know that my goal for Eugene is ambitious. And, besides, that's what training's for, right?

BUT, the part that really, really sucked is that some asshats threw fireworks out their car windows at me WHILE I WAS RUNNING. Sure they were "just" those little poppers that explode when they hit the ground, but it was friggin' scary. WHO DOES THAT!? Especially on Capitol Hill?? Fuckwads. I shouted at them, because there wasn't much else I could do. I was less scared than I could have been, because lots of other people were around and heard it happen, so I didn't feel so vulnerable. Still, I'm glad that I don't do much running with music these days, because I might have been less aware of what was going on.

Spirit of the Marathon II

Went to Spirit of the Marathon II last night, just like every other runner in the country. It was a fun outing with my running club besties, but I didn't love the movie (and I do dearly love the original - I've watched it more times than I care to mention and it STILL makes me tear up). Mostly, the narrative structure didn't work for me in the same way.

In SOTM I, you meet the runners as they're training and see their build-up, which is simultaneously building up to the emotional climax of the movie - the race itself. Here, we met the runners on race morning and the directors cut their stories in amid footage of them running the race. I just didn't feel like this structure built the same emotional connection with the runners, nor did it feel like we were on a journey together. It was more like: "here are people running a marathon...yay!" It lessoned the impact of the race and, frankly, ignored what I have learned, over two marathon training cycles, which is that the training is where you learn to be a marathoner. It isn't actually about the race at all, but the journey to the start line. SOTM II just didn't capture that for me the way that the original did. But, I'm glad I went and I'm glad to have seen it (like everyone else in the world, I now think the Rome Marathon course looks AH-MA-ZING)!

Yay SGLRG Movie Night!