Sunday, April 07, 2013

Come On You Quins!

Photo with the Harlequins mascots! BEST THING EVAR.
Nothing profound to say, but I did want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who send hugs and happy thoughts after yesterday's post. :-)

I also wanted to say that the time change makes it really awkward to watch rugby! My beloved Harlequins are in the quarter finals of the Heineken Cup (the best European club teams - it's the rugby equivalent of the soccer/football Champions League), which is a VERY BIG DEAL. But, a 2pm game starts at 6am my time! I think I'll be going back for a nap afterwards, but I do love this sport! I only wish I could be at the match in person - my last match was the day before the London Marathon last year. And, yes, getting my photo taken with Harley and Charlie Bear was kind of the best thing ever.

We're at half time now, so COME ON YOU QUINS!