Monday, February 18, 2013

Training, Week 8

Day 1 - 6x800s w/ 400m rest
Day 2 - Skating session
Day 3 - 5M at tempo (10:07 pace) with 1M each for warm-up and cool-down
Day 4 - 5M easy run(ish) (10:31 pace)
Day 5 - 6M easy (11:11 pace)
Day 6 - 4M easy (5.3 pace on the treadmill)
Day 7 - 11M long (10:56 pace)

I really struggled this week, mentally. It's been three weeks since my plan bumped up to 6 days of running per week. I haven't really been "resting" on my "rest" day, either, since it's a good day to get my gym time in if I'm going to be out of town later in the week. Or, it's the night there's club ice at the skating rink from 6:30-7:45. Which, BTW, I've officially rejoined the USFSA as a member of the Highland Figure Skating Club. Next up, I totally want to take my adult moves tests.

Anyway, by Saturday, I was really, really struggling. I even went into work and was using that as an excuse not to do my run. WORK! ON A SATURDAY! That's some serious procrastination. I was supposed to be doing my 10 mile long run that day, too, but it became pretty clear to me that it just wasn't going to happen. There wasn't a good reason for it, either: I'd had plenty of sleep, it was a beautiful day, and I didn't have a ton of other commitments. I just couldn't seem to get myself in gear to go and do my run. I eventually called Duchie and talked it over with her. We agreed that it was fine for me to switch my long run and my short run this weekend, if that's what it was going to take to get my long run done (obviously, that's the most important of the two). Also, that it would be perfectly ok if I felt like I needed the rest day. After moping around for a few more hours, I finally decided that I would feel better if I didn't have a zero for the day (and ruin my perfect Jantastic score!). So, I went to the gym aiming for three miles, instead of the six I had planned. I made it to four before I noticed that my adductor was moaning a little bit and decided that it was time to stop while I was ahead (I think the repetitive motion of the treadmill is harder for it than my constant speed adjustments outside, even though I do run with a randomly changing elevation on the treadmill). And, you know, I'm glad that I did.

Sunday, I eventually went out and did my long run (after SEVERAL episodes of House of Cards). And it really wasn't so bad. Apart from realizing too late (after my run) that even if it was warm enough when I left the house, it WASN'T warm enough for a skirt and short-sleeves (even if I was also wearing a vest) by 5pm. I was happy to be back out on the Burke-Gilman trail pounding out the miles. It felt good to be back in the game.

Here's hoping that I have a better mental week this week!