Sunday, November 25, 2012

RW Days 2-4

Right, so, errrr, um, days 2 and 3 might got consolidated into a single 2 mile run on the treadmill. Oops. It's in the right spirit, right?

Day 4 was the Seattle Half Marathon! What an incredibly hard course that is: so many hills, so many hills! I think I paced it badly to boot: I had some lovely fast miles in there and a bit of a blowup in the second (hard, hilly) part of the race. I felt like my legs were moving as fast as they possibly could and was still barely running 11-minute miles. So, final time: 2:15:50. I'm glad I still got a 2:15, but MAN do I want to hit 2:14! Considering that I hadn't specifically trained for this race and it was a hella hard course, I REALLY, really want to find out whether I could crank out a good PR on an easier course!

BUT, I did love this race. I loved meeting up and starting with tons of my Seattle Green Lake Running Group friends. The medal is pretty awesome and I am happy to support my hometown race. Everything was well-organized and the course was very well supported.

SPEAKING of well-supported, my roommate came out to cheer! She made awesome signs and took some super adorable photos of me! She even stayed down there for over two hours cheering people (and got told off by some guy who said there was too much cowbell. HOW CAN THERE BE TOO MUCH COWBELL?!?!). Yay!