Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Running is hard...let's get a cat!

And so we did! His name is Rusifee (yes, I think it's dumb, but it's what the mice in Cinderella call the cat because they can't pronounce Lucifer) and we're actually just his foster mamas. We're official Seattle Humane Society foster parents and he's our first foster kitty. While Roommate was desperately hoping for kittens (KITTENS!), it turns out that I'm very happy with this large fluffy grey kitty who loves to cuddle. In fact, that's what he's doing right now: sitting on my lap while I type. He's a bit grope-y with his happy kneading and kind likes to give you kitty kisses with his nose. And tummy scratches! He's wonderful!

Rusifee came home with us on Sunday after our orientation session, via a trip to PetSmart (we totally took him in with us and plopped his carrier in the cart, because we weren't sure whether it was ok to leave him in the car). As is usual in American stores, I was blown away by the variety. Surely to goodness, there don't need to be THAT MANY different kinds of pet food available. He's five years old and officially on "respite" from the humane society. I don't know how long he'll be with us at this point, but after wanting a cat for so very long, I'm very, very happy to have my foster Kitty!

Your intrepid blogger. Plus cat. Watching the Super Tuesday results on C-SPAN. Cultured kitty!

In running-related news, running is hard. Very hard. These last few long runs have been incredibly difficult, particularly the 18 and 19 milers. It was almost as though my brain knew it had to keep building up the miles to get to the half marathon race and now it's been really hard to get motivated again - even though it's less than seven weeks to go until the marathon and, thank god, I only have two more really long runs before I start the taper (that's the last three weeks - when you're mostly focusing on resting your legs and not doing significant distances). And, only one more of those is by myself; I'm running the Birch Bay 30K Road Race (plus a few miles) for the final one. The finish line = the official start of taper!

This weekend was particularly rough. Roommate was out of town, but let me use her car, so I was able to use a new path - the Sammamish River Trail (awesome - flat, wide, fewer bikes than the Burke-Gilman, and everyone was much more friendly). Apparently I ran from Bothell to Redmond and back again. Highlights included a sheepdog puppy, two Icelandic ponies, an older man on a bike who pulled me over (near Redmond) and asked "did you really just run from Bothell?!?" (so sweet!), sculptures of salmon, and a guy who ran like he was a pogo stick for short distances at a time, and the first 10 miles. The last nine miles were a real slog. I get to a point when I'm just desperate for water and HATE drinking sports drink out of my camelbak. All I wanted to do was stop and stick my head between my legs (and I did - often). None of my usual tricks seemed to be working (just get to the end of this song; come on - you can push out this last 5K, etc.). If a marathon is about training your mental toughness and learning how to conquer your central governor/zip up your man suit (see, e.g., then that last run wasn't very good practice. It was BRUTAL. Luckily, I only (only!) have to run 12 miles this weekend and I'm very, very excited about that fact (I wish there was a half marathon I could run somewhere within driving distance, though, just to make it more fun).

It's hard to admit, but I am starting to wish that training were over and that I could tap into some of the motivation that I had in buckets back in December and January. I just have to have faith that I'll get my mojo back. I just know it. I'm determined. I'm still getting out there and doing my runs (tonight - 5 miles at 9:25 pace; legs felt dead and heavy, but I'm not sure I would have believed you six months ago if you'd told me I'd be pushing out those kinds of paces...on a bad day!). I still haven't missed or failed to complete a long run. I AM doing this. I WILL be ready. One run at a time (and a massage scheduled for tomorrow to hopefully get some of the kinks out).

Meanwhile, I am also very happy because I've bought my plane tickets to Los Angeles for later this month to see my two best grad school friends - one of whom usually lives in London, but is over in the US for several months. And as a bonus, my NJ college friend will also be in LAX that same weekend! I am SO EXCITED for a weekend with so many wonderful friends. And for a long run ON THE BEACH!!


DGri said... Reply to comment

Food for thought on running: remember to trust your training come race day! So the 19 miler was hard. That's okay. You finished. Your body internalized what it needed from that distance. Even though you weren't jumping and skipping in delight for the last few miles, your training is sound.

As you know, race day is a universe away from training. And, those 19 miles (plus the several hundred others before it) will be there to get you to a stellar finish!