Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready for the Half

Apparently I stink at updating my blog; many apologies. Since my last post, I have mostly been going on longer and longer runs. It's taken a lot out of me & I've been dealing with a bad cold all week. I'm hoping that this week, which was a lot lighter in the running department will help boost my immune system. I actually missed a run yesterday, but after I went home a couple of hours early from work, it seemed more sensible to stay in bed, rather than venture out into the cold & run.

Thankfully, however, the cold has stayed in my head and I can run through it with no issues, because tomorrow is my first (of two...or maybe three) pre-marathon races. It's my third half marathon, at Birch Bay, which is a few miles from the Canadian Border, right on the water. I'm very excited, but, as ever, nervous. I can't settle on a pacing plan in my head, which makes me nervous. Should I push and try to do 13.1 miles at (dream, fantasyland) marathon pace (10:16)? Should I go out slower than goal pace (~10:30), then pick it up after a few miles to marathon pace? Should I try to be a bit more conservative and treat this like a long run (closer to 11:00 pace)? I can obviously do much longer distances at the slow pace and I've done 8 miles at 9:33 pace, but the idea of 13.1 miles at 10:16 pace still makes me nervous. I should really try and be more confident in my ability to rock this! I'd love some words of wisdom!

What I can't quite get over is that it's been a year, this weekend, since my first half marathon and I can't believe how far I've come! Plus, it's making me EVER MORE excited for next year's Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Wish me luck! Apparently, Sunday marks 9 weeks to go to the marathon. As Marathon Talk said this week: single digits to go means its squeaky bum time! It ALSO means I need to step up my fundraising. As ever, I'd appreciate any and all donations to Cancer Research - just click the Just Giving box in the top right sidebar.

I've got a ramble on feminism & running to come, but I'll save that for a posting that's more thoughtful and less "nervous thought dump" than this one.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hi Joyce, it's Mahsa here. Didn't know you had a blog. :( Any way, wanted to wish you luck for your half-marathon. From watching Korean dramas, I noticed that South Koreans when they want to encourage each other, they say in English "Fighting!" So Joyce: Fighting. :)

Patty White said... Reply to comment
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Patty White said... Reply to comment

Staring out slow at a 10:30 pace works for me. At the 8 mile marker & start to kick it into gear closer to 10:00 pace. Good luck & have a blast!

Joyce said... Reply to comment

@Patty White Thanks so much for the advice, Patty! It seemed to go really well!