Thursday, July 24, 2008

My friend read my last post and proclaimed: "It's like you're a poster child for Stuff White People Like."

I'd also like to discuss my unhealthy habits with craigslist. Is it normal to keep looking for apartments, even after you've gotten one? Why do I compulsively check the Arts & Crafts page, even though it serves as a daily reminder that a lot of people own a lot of tacky crap (and all seem to need to get rid of it because they're "moving abroad")? Seriously...I've found some awesome stuff, but they're diamonds among some pretty rough stuff. I'd take myself to task for scouting the furniture ads, but I really am looking to upgrade my loveseat. More importantly, is craigslist a thing white people like? Am I living up to my reputation?

Ok, after an Ikea flatpack filled evening, I'm heading to be. Got to be up in time for my 20 minute walk of a commute. :-)


Lindsay said... Reply to comment

I love browsing craigslist, but have had nothing but frustrating experiences when actually using it. I sold some furniture a few months back and people would email me about it, we'd set up a time for them to come over, and then they'd never show up! This happened like 5 times! ARGH! People are so strange.

Congrats on the new apartment, and good luck in law school!