Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Washington Gas Sucks

I am so incredibly steamed right now. After making me go in to see the gas company customer service people in person (which they then told me was completely unnecessary), we scheduled the installation of my gas meter for this morning between 7 and 12. After hauling myself out of bed to get dressed after being up with election returns until 2, I've just waited and waited. I even put a note downstairs on the call box with my cell phone number, since the box doesn't work (probably because I don't have a phone).

Finally, at 12:45, I call the same people who made me go to the office in person and they explain that the technician had been there at 11 and left a note on the glass door. I go downstairs and there's no note. I walk up and down the sidewalk, checking the flowerbeds and there's no note. There was no courtesy call, as there was supposed to have been. I think the chumps saw that my street was under some construction (replacing lead pipes, I think, which seems like a noble undertaking) and decided not to bother. So, now, the only option is to reschedule for "between 8 and 5 tomorrow," which having wasted today already, I'm rather upset about.

So, while there aren't any other options, I would like to alert the world to the fact that Washington Gas sucks and has terrible customer service. I hate monopolies, 'cause I'd sooooo take my business somewhere else.

The great irony of all this is that I HAVE gas already (apparently for free) and the gas company seemed shocked as hell about it. Muppets.


Eight Lives Left said... Reply to comment

I've had my own bad customer service experience with Washington Gas. I am so livid about it that I'm looking for places online to complain about them. Looks like plenty of people have already gone through similar experiences!

CWilliams said... Reply to comment
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Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Their web site is useless as well. It NEVER reflects recent payments, if you consider three weeks recent. They post a copy of the paper bill, and the balance does not reflect changes. What a crap way to run a modern online system.