Friday, July 28, 2006

Yay and some Warren fun

Yay! j00jie fixed my blog!!! (that being said, if it still looks like crap after you press ye olde refresh button, please leave a holla' in the comments section)

In her honor, I give you j00j, my big damn hero:

I'm going to Brighton in the morning and have been reading and writing on my dissertation. I read a couple of USSC things this evening (a dissent and an opinion) and have determined that CJ Warren is my new statelessness hero. I love what he says: "What is this Government, whose power is here being asserted? And what is the source of that power? The answers are the foundation of our Republic. To secure the inalienable rights of the individual, "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." I do not believe the passage of time has lessened the truth of this proposition. It is basic to our form of government. This Government was born of its citizens, it maintains itself in a continuing relationship with them, and, in my judgment, it is without power to sever the relationship that gives rise to its existence. I cannot believe that a government conceived in the spirit of ours was established with power to take from the people their most basic right." (Perez v. Brownell, 356 U.S. 44)

Also, statelessness is cruel and unusual, yo! (Trop v. Dulles, 356 U.S. 86...yes, those are back to back cases, argued a day apart and decisions handed down on the same day) Still, it's moments like these when I remember how much fun it can be to do regular old US Constitutional law. I like having binding law some of the time, you know?

Yes, I do still want to go to law school. Just not yet. *waves at WCL*


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good to hear everything got fixed and all is well in the land of bangers and mash. just watched life on mars, have you seen it? i'm a t.v. geek so i have to talk t.v. wanted to see it for awhile and love it, now, if only i can ahold of the hex dvds.....