Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hurrah! As of Monday, I was finished with exams. So, the first one was great, the second and third were just okish. It probably has a lot to do with the amount of study time allocated to each one. I also had a fun, near heart attack, when I mixed up the starting times for my third exam. It also involved a sprint across Waterloo Bridge and to the other side of the Aldwych, but I was lucky and only just missed the 15 minutes reading period. Still, I finished just a few minutes early and I don't think the time really mattered. But, yeah, English exams are so very IB. I might not have figured out the ideal study schedule, but I don't think that I was unprepared to write the exams themselves. I was also thinking about Mr. Ball, who I'm still going to credit with my ability to write an essay, back in AP US History, sophomore year.

So, I've been a bit lrazy since then. I've got some stuff to take care of, a haircut scheduled for Monday, decisions to make about language classes and Bulgaria to get ready for in less than a week. Also, WORLD CUP! WOOOOOT! This has been so much fun! Come on England! (Although, in a very inconsistant way, I'm secondarily rooting for Mexico and Germany. The US is not on my list; their sucking is only the least of my reasons. A country that cares deserves to win.) And, there's an exciting new personal development that just makes me giggle. :-)