Saturday, January 14, 2006

American? Still?

Oddly enough, my last post got comment spammed by someone who was trying to convince me to vote for Simon Hughes for party leader. I still don't know enough about any of them, but Simon's not going to be my no. 1. I've heard his name used too many times in the same sentance as "muppet" and I thought he was really goofy during the mayoral election. My guess is still on Ming. However, I have left the comment, as it would be illiberal of me to squash free political speech.

I had an essay due this past week and a a best friend to try and entertain, so please excuse the lack of postage. My goals at the moment include a couple of position papers for LIMUN, finishing season 1 of the Amazing Race and attempting to plan further travel in an effort to make myself feel like a contestant. I just had word that a friend may be going to Spain and I've offered to meet Juliet in whichever European city she has a connecting flight if her plans to visit home in May pan out. Also, my room is bearing an uncomfortable resemblance to a pig sty and I need to do something about that!

I was having a conversation with the Spain friend today about law school. I'm so reluctant to take the LSATs again, even though part of me knows that I should do so, to reapply to the pretentious schools, so that I can go on to be an amazing law professor. Part of me feels that I would have failed if I don't go that route. The other part doesn't want to take the LSATs again because they were crap the first time and I've already been accepted at the school with those scores at the school where I feel I belong. I still think that American is the place for me, but my massive stores of guilt are keeping me from being happy with that decision. Help? I know there are lots of 2Ls around....

I'm going to work on this mess, but I might tell everyone about my exciting (and bad) essay, later!


Jay said... Reply to comment

Well, I'm VERY biased, but I think you should come to American. I went through the agonizing over whether I should take the LSAT again as well, but I figured I wasn't guaranteed to improve my score, and it's not like my original score was horrendous. It got me into some top-tier schools, including one where I've become extremely happy.

My thinking was even more difficult because on every practice test (except maybe one), I scored MUCH higher than the score I actually got...that made me think that maybe the ACTUAL LSAT was just a fluke, and maybe I should take it again. But then I got over it and realized I was perfectly happy with my score as well as the acceptances I received. Sure, pretentious law schools are the places that breed the most law professors, but I'm sure you could end up teaching coming out of a place like American as well. I'm a firm believer in going where you feel you'll be happiest, not the "best" school in the eyes of anyone else.